FAQ 18:

How do I set a policy on the system

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Policies restrict or permit access to apps and websites on your display. To create a policy, select the repositories menu option at the left-hand side of your MDM dashboard.

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Select the ‘Policies’ menu option.

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Alternatively, select the three pips visible at the end of the row for the display you wish to interact with. When the menu expands, select the ‘Policies’ menu option.

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If you need to interact with multiple displays, select the relevant checkboxes at the left-hand side of the screen. Once confirmed, select the ‘Policies’ menu option from the top of the screen.

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Select the ‘Copy’ or ‘Edit’ options to interact with previous policies. To create a new policy, select the ‘ADD NEW’ button.

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This opens the platform selector. Select the correct operating system for your chosen policy.

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This opens your policy creator. This allows you to set your policy details, app block list, web access list, and general settings.

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If required, activate your app block list by selecting the visible toggle.

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Once opened, the left-hand menu of the list displays available system apps. Use the ‘+’ icon to add them to the block list. Once complete, select the ‘CONFIRM’ button to save your changes.

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Select the ‘Web’ button to enforce your website access restrictions. Please note: Web filtering is only supported through the default Secured Browser present on your display.

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Once set, enter your url into the field below and select the ‘+’ icon to add it to your list. Once complete, select the ‘CONFIRM’ button to save your changes.

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Select the ‘Setting’ menu option to apply a trigger or additional setting to the policy. When you are satisfied with your full configuration, select the ‘CONFIRM’ button.

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This creates your policy on the system.