FAQ 4:

What does my MDM dashboard contain

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Once you have registered with the Clevertouch MDM platform, you can access your system dashboard. To do this, navigate to clevertouch.glbth.com/login.html and enter your username and password.

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This brings you to your system dashboard. This displays a high-level overview of your configuration and live updates for your displays.

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The ‘Devices’ menu provides an overview of the displays attached to your system. Selecting a display allows you to interact with it directly.

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The ‘Commands’ menu shows every command that has been executed or scheduled to occur across your displays.

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The ‘Repositories’ menu manages system functionality that includes policy creation, workflow management, scheduling, trigger creation, and other key functionality.

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The ‘Account Settings’ menu holds remote control, pairing, dep server, VPP account, Android for Work, and pairing code functionality.

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Select your account name at the top-right of the page to configure your profile details, set your language, theme, preferred UI or log out of the system.