FAQ 13:

How do I create a trigger

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Select the repositories menu. Once this opens, select the ‘Scheduler & triggers’ menu option.

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Select the ‘ADD NEW’ button to create a new trigger. Alternatively, select the ‘Copy’ and/or ‘Edit’ options on an existing trigger that you wish to amend.

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Set the name and description for the trigger.

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Select the ‘flag’ icon to open the trigger builder. Select the dropdown list to choose between the three menu options: Timing, Geofencing, and Wi-Fi.

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If timing is selected, use the available dropdown list to set your parameters. This allows the command to execute once, repeat, or fire within a set window of time.

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If Geofencing is selected, use the radio groups and map to set your parameters. This defines the trigger’s actions when the geofence is entered and exited.

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If Wi-Fi is selected, set your SSID and the trigger’s actions when the SSID is entered and exited.

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When your configuration is complete, select the ‘CONFIRM’ button to add your trigger to the system.