FAQ 20:

How do I adjust my devices settings

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Select the ‘Repositories’ icon from the system dashboard then select the ‘Device settings’ menu option.

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Alternatively, select the pips beside the screen that you wish to adjust and select the ‘Device settings’ option from the available menu.

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If you need to interact with multiple displays, select the relevant checkboxes at the left-hand side of the screen. Once confirmed, select the ‘Device Settings’ menu option from the top of the screen.

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This displays any device settings already created. These can be copied and edited as required. To create a new device setting, select the ‘ADD NEW’ button available at the bottom of the menu.

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This opens the details page. Add a name and a description for the new setting.

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Select the ‘Wi-Fi’ menu option to adjust your display’s Wi-Fi configuration.

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Select the ‘security’ menu option to manage your password settings for your display.

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Select the ‘General’ menu to manage your display settings. This controls your overall configuration, including apps, date and time settings, accounts and users, audio settings, connectivity, data, and debug options.

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Select the ‘APN’ menu option to configure your Access Point Name (APN) on the system. Select the ‘Set APN’ toggle to set your APN details on the system.

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Select the wallpaper menu option to set your device wallpaper.

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Select the ‘Certificate’ option to install user certificates and paste the contents of your CA certificate body.

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Select the ‘Lock screen’ menu option to set your lock screen password and message.

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Once your settings are configured, select the ‘CONFIRM’ button.

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This adds your setting to your repository.