FAQ 10:

What commands are in my device menu

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To access your command list, select the display you wish to interact with.

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This opens the menu for your display. Select any of the options at the right-hand of the screen to interact with your system.

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The ‘Remote’ option activates remote access to the display. This allows you to interact directly with the display.

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The “Repositories actions” menu adjusts your system configuration. This manages policies and packages, files, and device settings. The section also allows the construction of new workflows and kiosk functionality.

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The “Schedule & trigger command” menu creates scheduled commands for your display.

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The “Send Message” menu allows you to write and send a message to your chosen display.

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The “Location” menu displays the geographic location of the display. This is configured through your device settings.

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The “Lock” menu manages screen access. This allows for locking and unlocking, password management, alarms, and remote device wiping.

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The “Power” menu allows you to restart, shutdown and command your device to wake your screen.

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The “Manage” menu allows you to control your device configuration. This includes setting your device name, tags, and MDM settings.