FAQ 12:

How do I create a command

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Select the display you wish to create a command for.

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For this example, we need to create a command that changes the display wallpaper. To do this, select the ‘Repositories actions’ menu and select the ‘Device Settings’ menu option.

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The menu displays existing commands which can be edited, copied, and deleted if required. To create a new command, select the ‘ADD NEW’ button.

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This opens your setting menu. Complete the ‘Name’ and ‘Description’ fields, then select the ‘Wallpaper’ option in the left hand menu.

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Select the ‘Set device wallpaper’ toggle and upload your required wallpaper. Once finished, select the ‘CONFIRM button.

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This creates your command in the menu. This can be executed or scheduled as needed on your display(s). Please note: Other commands may require additional steps to configure correctly.