FAQ 10:

How do I add an image to my presentation

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Select the ‘Lock’ icon to unlock your presentation for editing.

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Select the ‘Images and backgrounds’ icon.

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Set the name for your field then select the 'Save' button.

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Select and drag the zone to set its dimensions. Select the ‘Save’ menu option to keep your changes. If required, double click the zone to edit it further.

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Select the 'Edit' icon for the image you want to adjust. Drag-and drop to change their order, or select an image then choose the ‘delete’ option to remove it. Alternatively, select the upload (+) icon to upload a file of your choice.

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Select the ‘Settings’ icon to set the zone’s name, image duration, animation speed, animation type, and scale.

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Select the ‘Edit’ option to preview, download, edit, or delete each image.

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Select the ‘Save’ button when finished.

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When you are satisfied with your changes, re-select the ‘Lock’ icon to commit them to the presentation.