FAQ 11:

How do I lock my screen

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To lock your system, select one of the white arrows at the side of your home screen.

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Once the menu opens, select the ‘Lock’ icon.

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This locks your device display. To unlock, select the owner icon. Please note: By default, this does not password lock your display.

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To enable password lock, open your LUX menu and select ‘Apps’.

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From here, select the ‘Settings’ icon.

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From here, navigate to the ‘Personal’ section and select the ‘User’ sub-option.

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This opens a page that lists registered users for the system. To set a password, select the pencil icon next to the user profile you wish to password protect.

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This opens the ‘Modify User Information’ window. From here, set your desired username and password for the account. Once applied, the password is required to access the system when it is locked.