FAQ 3:

How do I use the LUX menu?

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Select one of the white arrows at the side of your display.

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Once the menu opens, select any of the following icons to open them-

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Select the ‘Whiteboard’ icon to open LYNX whiteboard. From here, you can draw, erase, make notes, and edit as needed.

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Select the ‘Files’ icon to access and manage the files on your system. This allows you to copy, paste, and arrange your files.

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Select the ‘Browser’ icon to access the default browser selected for your system and use the internet.

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Select the ‘Cleverstore’ icon to access your Cleverstore. This allows you to browse hundreds of free apps, tools, and games without any adverts or inappropriate material.

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Select the ‘Active’ icon to access any apps or programs currently running on your system. These can be closed as required or in bulk.

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Select the ‘Lock’ icon to lock the display. This can be unlocked through your preferred method, which can include the use of a pin, select-unlock, and NFC.

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Select the ‘Favourite’ icon to open the favourite menu, which can hold your favourite apps on the system.